Crystal Ki - Restoring Balance and Harmony to the Mind, Body and Soul.

Crystal Ki (pronounced KEY) is an energy realignment system created to heal and balance on many levels. It involves passing opalescent diamond energy through the aura and body to remove discordant energies and replacing them with a higher frequency, promoting health and well being. Vibrational light, colour and sound energy is the life force of the universe; energy is vital for the survival of all life on Earth. When you reduce human beings down to our smallest particles, we are simply encoded waves of energy. These waves vibrate at various frequencies and the higher the vibration, the purer and healthier the mind, body and spirit.

Crystal Ki is continually evolving as we move forward in a changing world and there is now a range of carefully designed products created as an aid to self refinement and total body care. All products on this site are infused with Crystal Ki diamond energy to help raise the vibrational frequency of both the product and the user. All certified Vegan or Organic Creams, Serums, Pilules and Sprays have been specially formulated using only the finest natural ingredients and are suitable for all age groups and even pets.

There are many books in the series and they are currently available from Waterstones bookshops, and Kindle. EBooks are also available from our shop and if you would like to support our foundation and save paper, please buy the EBook versions. There is also a Crystal Ki Healing & Meditation CD or simply download your preferred tracks onto your PC, MP3 or mobile/cell phone.

We also have many workshops for those interested in learning how to self heal and raise their consciousness and at the same time raise the vibration of their body. Developed in 2003 by Janine Regan-Sinclair, it has changed the lives of many and continues to do so as more and more people are learning the techniques.

Private Readings: Janine is now offering a limited number of private Soul readings channelled from Source to help you determine your life purpose.
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21 Day Mind Detox
(Documentary Pilot)