Crystal Ki - Restoring Balance and Harmony to the Mind, Body and Soul.

Crystal Ki (pronounced KEY) is a Diamond energy realignment system created to restore balance on many levels of consciousness. Developed in 2003 by Janine Regan-Sinclair, her treatments have transformed the lives of many and continue to do so as more and more people are learning the techniques.

Vibrational light, colour and sound energy is the life force of the universe. When you reduce human beings down to our smallest particles, we are simply encoded waves of energy. These waves vibrate at various frequencies and the higher the vibration, the purer and healthier the mind, body and soul. Janine runs a private practice and facilitates workshops. Please visit our COURSES page for more information. She also produces and hosts her own radio show called Cosmic Truth.

Janine offers a limited number of one to one life readings; a 30 minute reading by either telephone or Skype for $120. For $240, Janine includes your attuned Herkimer Diamond in a beautiful Crystal Ki white faux suede, gold satin lined pouch to keep it safe and cherished. To book your reading contact


21 Day Mind Detox (Documentary Pilot 31/01/12)

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